The Miles Smith Early Intervention Scheme (EIS)

Sickness absence costs are a huge drain on employers and reducing the number of days lost is vital in challenging economic times.  The longer an employee is off sick the less likely they are to return to work. Stress, mental illness and musculoskeletal disorders are regarded as the biggest causes of long-term UK sickness absence yet treatments for these conditions are frequently regarded as low priority by the NHS and patients can have to wait for several weeks to receive treatment.

The Miles Smith Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) is an insurance policy which has been created to provide early access to treatment for these conditions, to assist in returning employees back to work quickly and safely.

The Miles Smith Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) is a simple, proven product which provides fast track access to treatment for employees who are absent from work as the result of a physical injury, stress, depression or anxiety.

No GP referral is necessary and treatment can be accessed after 3 consecutive working days of absence, or immediately after a reported motor accident.

EIS provides cover 24/7, so the absence does not have to be work related.

Physiotherapy is provided at convenient locations by a UK wide clinically audited network and mental health therapies are based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and delivered over the phone.

If physical injuries, stress, depression or anxiety are causes of employee absence then EIS, our unique insurance policy which provides fast track access to treatment, can help.


The percentage of lost working time which is attributable to long term conditions is 32%
The percentage of new work-related conditions which were either musculoskeletal disorders or stress, depression or anxiety (HSE Statistics 2012/13) was 80%

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